Wednesday, 12 October 2011

wall street protest

Photograph by Amy Arbus for Bloomberg
At first it seemed more like a gathering of street performers than a political movement. A few hundred protesters briefly tied up Wall Street on the weekend of Sept. 17, some wearing face paint and many holding homemade signs. The focus of their anger was free-floating: the bank bailout, income inequality, student debt, corporations in general. But they were onto something, and in weeks since the Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to San Francisco, Philadelphia, Dallas, Washington, and elsewhere. A New York rally on Oct. 5 included members of several big unions. Here's a look at some of those who were at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccatti Park in New York three weeks after it started.

Robert Carlson said, "We have some very serious economic issues and the situation is not sustainable."

To the occupiers, at least their perceived lack of accountability in corporate America, some of the blame for the current Democratic administration pariskaristaru. Modern criticism of the administration of a constant Obama Wall Street, with its coziness, and repair of the economy after eight years under George W. Bush 's lack of action once more.
In this sense, the protests have further highlighted the divisions within the Democratic Party than they may motivate the party faithful.
Its infancy - is almost certainly the last year, spending a few Republicans, including Senate seats - Tea Party in the face of internal rifts. Republicans are almost entirely to work in concert with tea partiers, but most of the sections also served as a unifying influence on the future of the next year, with Obama beating, have long to heal.
Damaging enough to start swinging back - the movement is concerned with some Republicans.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-VA., Engaged in a "growing group" expressed concern about the "Americans against Americans, pitting."
Is a reflection of protests by conservative commentators, who was belittling and delegitimizing Cantor members of Congress condemned the protesters rooting. However, it was not a boast, but the movement has always monolithic, concrete goals for numbers or vaccetappatiki "Wall Street was occupied by the" Tea Party does not match.
Others accused in the current round of protests have gone beyond. Republic of Tea Party, Paul Broun, R-Ga., In the last week ", the attack on freedom" in a "space" protest movement has been hijacked, and labor unions have been suggested to increase opportunities for presidential reelection.
"They do not know why they are there for you. They are just mad you are," Broun ABC's on, protesters said, "the top line."
Anger, in fact, these days, respects no political boundaries. Is now "occupied" was the Republicans who are critical of the Tea Party movement are cheering.
Now, it is the Democrats who get to learn the lesson: Channeling emotions of anger in politics is rarely as simple.

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