Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Health secret said by nature

U go to nature's secret assistance from a "fat" to "fit" 

researchers have discovered that a new concrete plant steroid causes a response similar to anabolic steroids with minimal side effects.homobrassinolide, which are found in plants majorly mustard plant, produces good anabolic effect by increasing appetite and muscle mass along with muscle size.

one researcher who works on human health of the plants suggests that some plant-based food we eat as mustards containing compounds, as it is, ... it may be helpful for the future of engineering in plants, bacteria and genes for growth and increased production and processing. thus, supporting bassinosteeroid content, which is the production of functional foods that enhance physical performance and keeps humanbody fit. these functional foods will also reduce some of the most significant natural disease or at least avoid the chance of obesity, physical activity depend on the disorder.

the experiment was carried out by exposing skeletal muscle cells with different amounts of these compounds and observed the protein synthesis of brassinolide, a cell culture, resulting in increased protein synthesis and decreasing protein degradation in these cells, which increases physical performance.

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