Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ra one review movie songs film video download

Shah rukh khan's decision to release Raone film on diwali ocassion is a fantastic choice according to sources.

The film openings is awesome at Box-office and collections were obviously rocking,..Film is truly a marvellous science fiction one and dedicated piece of work.Truly gestified the huge budget of 175 crores in Indian industry taking a quick flight to international level

Least but not last the film is truly a pride for Bollywood and Indian film industry with sci-fi graphics and science fiction based on a kid and his father relation.

The kid whose only fantasy in life is with video game and his attitude towards villain as the worlds greatest villain is the key concept for the film Ra-one.Shah rukh khan who portrays heroic role as a father wears a powerfull suit which is undestructable and fights villain who is also a sci-fi charactered.

Total all asusual Shah rukh khan's action is superb addon to the movie with one minute entry of Super star Rajni kanth's one minute role which hauled theatre with heavy whistles and claps.

The fight begins Ra.One videogame console. Shekhar (Shah Rukh Khan), a game developer, impresses his young son, Prateek who has a penchant for villains to create a virtual world Ra.One. Artificial intelligence brings Ra.One life and he goes after Lucifer, Prateek's virtual name of the game he played against Ra.One (Arjun Rampal) came early in life. Ra.One can be seen only by the murderer is one of the Prateek and his colleagues (Shahana Goswami) is assembled. From London, where a family of two geeky men and beautiful Punjabi woman, wife and mother Sonia (Kareena Kapoor) are alive, the film moves to Mumbai. Return to Mumbai, three of them were accosted by a dark-skinned, moustachioed bullies who sends them flying with one of the flies. From now on, G is not Shekhar, a new man in her family. I am in, we witness a robotic inanities, some of them are quite funny, as this new family dynamic develops.Sinha film is haphazard Medley Iron Man, Matrix, Superman, T2, and the oldest is lost and the levitating act, we've seen over and again, no brainer Rajnikanth blockbusters (and Rajnikanth, his appearance in the film, which is sometimes the publicity teams went hammer and tongs about, do not last more than a few seconds). There are no ambiguities, nuances, or uplifting asides in this modern morality tale. Produced by Khan and his writers (Sinha wrote a film about five other writers) cling to safe route of song, dance and weepy histrionics. Virtual reality is a thin foil, flimsy Sci-Fi fantasy garb, that is trying to contemporize stale forms credo. I am not a gamer, but it is obvious that, even if unacquainted eye play hooky in the development of sport in this film. Earnest, a pop-philosophical Shekhar Ra.One on whim, to satisfy his own fatherly inadequacies. Khan, known to be an avid gamer, obviously had a nebulous Indian janata mind when he decided to dumb down geekiness.Clichés abound in this desultory, confused scenario, and none of them work. What's got to be the worst Opening Sequences, a Sci-Fi superhero film, sometimes, such as CGI-up game, three-faced daughter of Bruce Lee, that sword fight: Iski Lee, Uski Sabki Lee and Lee --- feline female Mongoloid features and deadpan glare. Shekhar, Tamil scholars, Tamil breaks into an awkward, but only after he was flustered or nervous. He mixes his Chinese noodles with cottage cheese and slurps them down. Has a Limp mop and curly hair in his head. Punjabi woman's chutzpah is explained by his desire to invent animated Punjabi cusswords involving male body parts (Tere baap he ..., Tere bhai is ...). Kapoor has nothing to show the film in addition to the requirements of the basics of a limited role. Rampal is almost unnecessary. Khan hams her way in Tamil geek. As the Savior, chiselled and trim of the quirky charm of the moment. Khan pulls it off despite the superhero's banal virtuosity. It may be the only reason for this 2 hour and 40 minute drama is tolerable. His screen presence and charm have changed --- and they taste every time.The special effects are impressive Ra.One Rs150 crore, the budget is made in. The most common size, say, Iron Man movies, Rs150 crore is an impossibly low budget. It is unfair to compare the work of a Hollywood special effects in films of this genre. Some of the scenes in Ra.One are thrilling, but the Thrill comes in small spurts. Despite the fact that contrary to the best special effects, no one has seen a Bollywood film. Sinha uses a common gimmick in Hollywood movies in this genre: iconic statue shows the public is being destroyed for the improvement of performance.Why Ape Hollywood's extravagance and technical virtuosity of limited resources? Despite a largely thrilling ride, either by ambition for Ra.One is misplaced. This is without a real commitment to art, storytelling, or genre. Producer, actor, its just a cruel, narcissistic showpiece.

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