Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Datawind Ubislate Cheapest tablet Aakash tablet pc buy online availability android price $35 Rs. 2000/Features booking low cost computer india gets a release date tablet pc price in india

India took pride in making a pc at just a cost of 35$ i.e approximately Rs.1800/-.The word said by Indian government for providing a cheap tablet pc for every indian student before two years atlast has finalised to come true.

According to sources, it is said that the SAKSHAT Tablet pc is yet to be released to the earlier in a week, as said by Kapil Sibal, minister for human resource development(INDIA).

The making rights is reserved for an UK based firm called Datawind which has prior reputation in the tabletpc making industry.The price is subsidized for the educational institutions in India, with the actual cost of production roughly Rs. 3,000 leading to around Rs.1800.
The latest known specifications of the $35 tablet are: Froyo OS, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, 256MB of RAM, 2GB inbuilt storage, expandable up to 32GB via microSD (2GB microSD card bundled).
Project Sakshat is collaboratively undertaken by IISc (The Indian Institute of Science) and IIT's (Indian Institute of Technology) to review and add research suggestions for further improvements after their trials on its usage. The aim of this project is to lessen the gap in technology amongst the Indian upcoming students and teaching staff by linking 25,000 colleges and 400 universities throughout INDIA by an program of e-learning via an existing portal said as Sakshat.

It is also in peoples mouth that the tablet is being manufactured by a mighty company HCL,..still the Indian government had to declare it verbally,...News are on its high that the tablet will be unveiled on october5th,..should wait to have it in your hand and gesture it to see its interface,..after all the first indian tablet pc of worth of just a mobile,....India growing from cheapest car NANO to the cheapest table pc.,....Thanks to Ratan Tata for bringing such a pride to India and even for Indian govt for taking up such a prestigious project,..
And even the IITians who have made an efforts to bring it in flawless manner to the people,..hope it definetly bring a revolutionary change in decreasing the gap between technology and students and also teachers,...Really this kind of projects help in innovative study and also supports in growing intelligence.

Tuli is the founder of Datawind, a UK-based company which also makes the PocketSurfer, a handheld device to surf the web.

"We wanted to show the world when China can break price points, India can do it better," Tuli said. 

India to help reduce the cost of production and the preparation of tablet functions, and relinquish to the government. If the pilot works, and ordered a million tablets of the beginning of the next stage of the production will be about a million pieces.
Low internal memory, 256MB at speeds of Indian colleges have access to the Internet is already slowly, slowly in the tablet can be made. Only about half of the 25,000 colleges in the Education of the National Mission under the Internet related to the government. Out of these, less than 15% of colleges have a minimum broadband speed of 512 kbps.
Before, the government invited expressions of interest from Indian companies, but not before the vendors that the government wanted the ability to deliver at the price of the newly re-issued the tender.
Gartner analyst Vishal Tripathi said that the others would be difficult to meet the retail sales price of $ 35. "The Tablet is a high discount rate. We have to wait until the trial is to give a verdict," he said.
HCL Infosystems won the tender to the first of the pills, but the company realized that the government did not carry the contract price had fallen by

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