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Steve Jobs passed away today:

"The world has lost a visionary," Barack Obama says in tribute to Steve jobs.

Business Editor Damien Reece says rarely does the death of a businessman reverberate in the way that Steve Jobs' passing has done.

Samsung has called rival Steve Jobs an "innovative spirit" who will be remembered forever.

Jobs' death has caused a public outpour of grief. People all over the world had ache in their minds that they miss him "the masterhead of technology".
Steve Jobs,the person behind Apple's iPhone, iPod, iPod, iMac and iTunes, died,he was 56.
Apple's website homepage in the evening,changed the webpages with the full text on jobs - the page is "Steve Jobs, 1955-2011." Switches to several images of him.

Apple lost a Visionary and creative genius ", and the world lost a wonderful man who I know and have been fortunate enough to work with Steve and a loss of their dear friend: Click on the picture that the additional text. Inspiring, a teacher. Steve leaves behind only the company he built, Apple will be the foundation of his soul forever. "

Jobs co-founded Apple Computers in 1976, with his childhood friend, Steve Wozniak, the world's first personal computer, Apple II what the market expected.

Post Jobs' death after discovering that Wozniak "shocked and disturbed, I will miss him a lot and the company does a lot too!.", ABC News said
He observes that one of the leading industry innovator - perhaps concurrently with Thomas Edison - the fields of computing, changing the record music and data.

In 2004, he struggled to pancreatic cancer, an unusual form, and in 2009 he came to get a liver transplant. After several years of failing health, jobs announced that he step down as chief executive of Apple, on August 24, 2011 was announced.

S one of the most famous CEO in the world, jobs used to refuse his wife and their children from media, shielding from public view, thinking about his personal life, should remain private.

Said as Jobs is never a media person,byIndustry analyst Tim Bajarin, President of Creative Strategies said. "He has the advantages of Apple when it was produced, in the case in interviews granted now, but you can never see himself in the discussion."

Trajectory of the life of the highlights of the most popular jobs are out of Reed College in Oregon, at 21, his parents' garage in the Wozniak started Apple with a Prodigy. He was a multimillionaire by 25, and appeared on the cover of Time magazine in 1984 at 26 am, at the age of 30 is deleted at the apple.

In the later years he became Pixar Animation Studios and Lucasfilm, Ltd., purchased the computer graphics arm, in 1986, NeXT Computer founder, and went into other businesses.

He was right on the sequence and the final version only to new products, multiple versions of the refusal, an exacting and sometimes described as a fearsome leader. He was the design and aesthetics of the hardware and software inside a device that is not so important.

In 1996, it suffered from Apple without Jobs,, NeXT brought him back through the purchase. He became CEO in 1997 and the company has a unique way to give up.

Digital recording, copy and shared it for free online by the end of 2001 on the commercial music industry on its knees, it is unnecessary for the millions of people buy compact discs.

Jobs took advantage with the iPod - especially in the elegantly simple controls and a set of white earbuds, a pocket - the size of a computer hard drive to save a one-hour talk, listen to music. He established the iTunes online music store, and the major recording labels to sell songs for 99 cents each to persuade. If they liked a song that people will no longer have to go out and have not bought a CD. They bought a digital file and stored on their iPod.

In 2007, he was on a cell phone. Almost at random - - a cell phone, Apple's iPhone, with its iconic touch screen, a handheld computer, music player, a messaging device, a digital wallet and on. It later appeared in such a BlackBerry, Nokia and Motorola as the main competitors, struggled.

By 2010, Apple's new iPod in the original business, the personal computer began to cannibalize. Like the iPod, and almost no physical buttons on a touch screen tablet computer on a trim. It is a real book, leafing through the viewing of images from movies, to be used for almost any software designers are not able to conceive.

Personal life

Jobs activists kept a close friend of John Lasseter, and Oracle's Larry Ellison of Bajarin Pixar, including, he said, but beyond, in his personal life, much less shared with anyone.

But in personal life - he was given up for adoption at birth, for, have an illegitimate child, was romantically linked with movie stars - her fan base, and full of humor on for Apple users.

Jobs and his wife, Laurene Powell, Woodside, Yosemite National Park in California and lived in a small ceremony in 1991, married, and had three children: Reid, Paul, Erin Sienna and Eve.

When he was 23, he was his high school friend, Chris Ann Brennan agreed with the child out of wedlock. Their daughter, Lisa Brennan Jobs, who was born in 1978.

He had a biological sister, Mona Simpson, author of such popular books as "Anywhere but Here." But they do not have to meet Simpson and his birth parents until he heads out seeking. Simpson later wrote a book based on their relationship. She called it "a normal gay."

Jobs by Fortune magazine, a court document that he was not infertile and children swearing at one point, over the years, denied reports that Lisa's paternity. According to the report, Chris and his daughter, Lisa Ann Brennan acknowledged after the jobs and welfare to child support collected for a time.
Also, other personal details have emerged over the years.

At Reed, jobs, Elizabeth Holmes, a friend and classmate, according to the romantically joined by singer Joan Baez. In "Steve Jobs, the present and the second was," Holmes, with interviews with his serious girlfriend broke up a biography of Alan Deutschman says, "the singer - begins an affair with a charismatic activist." Holmes was confirmed by ABC News in detail.

Jobs 'Apple' s health and health

Enigmatic and charismatic, he said little about the jobs himself. But then his body began to fail him.
In 2004, he has to say publicly that he had pancreatic cancer, a rare form. In 2009, he was silent for a liver transplant that went on in a Memphis hospital.

He took the apples from the three medical leaves. He would not share details.

In 2009, the sources said, members of the Board of Directors of the company with Apple interwoven "with a confidence problem," to persuade him to reveal more about his health.

He has a net worth of about $ 8.3 billion, with a list of the world on March kotisvarula is 109th on Forbes list. After the sale of Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Company in 2006, he became a Disney board member and largest shareholder of the company. ABC News' s parent company Disney.

Analysts and his chief lieutenant, Tim Cook, partially because he was on the big decisions are available, and partly because of Apple, Jobs' lack of hands that performed well at the time - there was even the manager jobs.

Company with a history of bouncing back. In January 2009, after he announced his second medical leave, per share of Apple stock dropped to $ 78.20. Wall Street, but recovered it quickly became one of the most successful stocks. In the summer of 2011 with the stock hitting $ 400 a day, was, Apple in the short term as the world's most valuable company, has been approved by ExxonMobil.


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