Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Google Plus Login Procedure

For Google Plus Login one needs to register at the official site http://www.plus.google.com but this is possible only if you have an invitation code, Unfortunately google has stopped giving new invitation codes for google plus accounts but any registered user can invite to his friends to google plus. I was fortunate enough to get the google plus login invitation code by google plus as I had registered for google plus long time ago fortunately, Now I can invite any one I wish to Google plus Login, so Buddies if at all you requrie the invitation code, do fire a mail to : gnsantosh20@gmail.com

Google Plus Login Invitation accounts are in great demand these days, not least due to the fact that it is a restricted platform hosting a mere scattering of the wider Internet population. A lot of people view it as

an "elite" group of people who are fortunate enough to relish the prelude of the next great social network.

While you can get your friends to join by more than one method, the easiest way to invite your friends is to actually use the Invite function. This function actually appears to come and go sporadically, and is not always available. However, when it is available, it can be used to great effect.

All the Best Buddies, go ahead with your google+ logins

GClient:Make ur Updates straight from System Tray to Google plus

GClient: Update Google Plus Right From System Tray

If you want a browser independent communication with new social site Google Plus then try GClient, a full feature desktop client for Google+ that let you post messages and to follow the activity of your circles. Let explore different feature of GClient.

First of all, in your first run after installation you will be asked to unlock it using unlock code which can be obtained free by completing simple on-screen form. Once unlocked, you need to log in into your Google+ account by clicking on GClient system tray icon.
 Once you complete login procedure and agree with license agreement, a new pop-up window will let you navigate through your Google+ account. Three main navigation options are – nearby, circle and incoming. While nearby shows location specific updates, circle will stream the main feed and through incoming you will see stuff from people who are sharing with you.
Four more buttons are also there on top panel in pop-up window – Home, Refresh, Edit Location and Update Stream.

Home button let you access all basic functions of Google Plus in a minimal view.
GClient option function  allow you to clear cache, clear cookies along with other useful options.
The application also have an useful desktop notification feature that give a pop-up alert when a new update arrive.
GClient is indeed a perfect Google+ client around till date.

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