Thursday, 29 September 2011

Facebook just released their price grid for membership

This hoax is spreading like fire in forest on Facebook. Many statements have claimed that Facebook will ask you to pay in one form or another, but they’re all bogus. The company even tries to remind its users on the website’s main login page (if you’re logged in, you’ll have to log out to see it): “It’s free now and always will be ahead.”

The company even released a statement once it realized the hoaxes had gone viral. “A rumor on the internet caught our attention,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We have no plans to charge for Facebook. It’s free for now and always will be.”

Facebook makes a lot of money from the ads viewed and clicked by its 800 million active users. In fact, the social networking giant is expected to make $4.27 billion in revenue this year, 89 percent of which will come from advertising so there's no good reason to charge for users.

As a general word of caution, don’t believe everything you comeacross on the Internet. Also, don’t blindly copy and paste warnings just because your Facebook friend’s status tells you to do so. Although you probably mean well, you could be helping a hoax become more popular on the social network.

It is a completely false rumor that Facebook will soon start charging users of the claims. Facebook still features the "It's free and will always be" on its homepage, and then we all, in advertising the site alone is expected to rake in $ 4 billion this year, is expected to be that way.This week, the F8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook's latest features including music, food and everything was invented, and he is not sure that a payment plan.Facebook Zuckerberg is not what the latest update, a timeline that allows users of their Facebook profile page, a new feature that combines the full history of life on the right. As we previously reported, will appear in the timeline and how to change a users Facebook page dominated by a large cover photo displays at the top of your page. More interesting, a new timeline feature that allows users to check who they are unfriended. Who are your real friends are the best new feature of Facebook is not clear is who you express and aspirations.

In addition, a copy of a message to update your status to save something, or is otherwise free to keep your account, all I am not sure that makes no sense. Copy and paste this message on Facebook for free on the basis of an understanding of why some of the accounts will continue?Here you can read our full write-up of these hoaxes, or you can read our blog post on Facebook fantasy The Curious Case of read receipts.
Millions of Facebook users, fooling rumors online, the daily flow across the site. How to spot them if you want to learn more about these rumors, and, where Facebook was rumored to hold read our full article. Facebook friends for the rumor that you have fallen, or in addition, you can join our growing Facebook page. Or follow us on Twitter.Facebook has always been active in changing its privacy options, and it is not always for the better. In fact, most Facebook users to share and what they are today, just as they do in the private placement will be lost.A number of community can lead to problems down the line is shared with Facebook. Facebook and the privacy of the subjects with more coming into the media limelight. And share information on Facebook you can use the site, up-to-date with the privacy settings are important to you.If you'd like to be safe and it's only a dollar to help a great guide - download this lightweight kindl e - book of the risks of social networking site, plus a number of loads, such information provides tips on how to get away from! Buy it now and you have a minute!

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